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This is a short review of the Microsoft Surface GO 128GB/8GB RAM.


After reading a number of Reviews and going over the Spec's of the Surface GO I decided to purchase one, even

though most reviews seem to imply they are underpowered).


My intentions are; use it for keeping track of Orders and Tasks at work.

It is small enough to carry it along to customers and take to meetings as for notes as well.


I was a bit concerned after reading comments about lack of power to do more than one thing at a time.

(As in more than a couple of tabs open in Chrome and running a couple programs at once).


There was one review that said when they updated to Windows 10 Pro it wiped their data.


I switched the Surface GO out of Windows S mode the first day, there are too many programs

that are not available in S Mode. After a few more days I upgraded it to Windows 10 Pro.

The upgrade to Windows 10 Pro was completed quickly and with no glitches at all.

(I used the Product Key from an old Windows 7 Pro Computer no longer in use)


The programs I have installed are:


Office Pro Plus 2016 (I need Access DB now and then)

OliveTree Bible Software


CompanionLink (For Syncing Outlook Addresses and my iPhone 7 & Note 8

AutoDesk Inventor & AutoCAD Viewer (As I do a lot of CAd and 3D Modeling work)

Solidworks Viewer

NoteTab Pro Great for Text files and more



All this and it still has 80 GB free on the SSD

I keep a 64 GB Micro SD Card installed for files and Drawing files


OneNote is always open, because this is my 'go to' device to keep track of all things Office.

OneNote is a great program for all sorts of Notes and Data gathering.

Outlook and Excel are both opened most of the time.


OliveTree Bible Software runs quite well!


The Surface GO 128GB/8GB has ample power for all of this.


(My main Laptop is a Dell G7  with a 8th Gen. Hex Core i7-8750H processor with a HD 6 GB Video card ,

a 500 GB M2 SSD and a 500 GB SSD so I am used to power)


It cannot replace my Dell G7, but it is great for what I am using it for,  no lag and no lack of power.


I made the right choice in spending the extra money for the 128GB SSD (vs 64GB eMMC) /8GB version.

I purchased the Keyboard and Pen along with the Surface GO.


I have not used the pen much yet, so I cannot comment  about it. It looks like it will be handy.


The Surface GO will last me all day with my usage - apx 3 or 4 hours of use at the Office and an hour or two at home

in the evening catching up on notes. Some days I do not charge it at night as it has enough for the next day or a good

bit of it anyway.


After using the Surface GO for 1 month, it has surpassed my expectations!


As you can tell from this short work, I am no "writer",  I just wanted to give my thoughts on this great little 'tablaptop'


I wrote this in OneNote 2016 on the Surface GO.


Thank you for taking the time to read this & feel free to email me any questions.


More To Follow


Edit March 2, 2019


Being a Linux user for 20 years - I decided to install WLS Windows Subsystem (for) Linux and Ubuntu.

I also installed Xming X Server for X windows - that allows running of X Windows Programs/Apps.

It is handy having misc. Linux commands like SSH/SCP/SFTP etc (pun intended) available without running a VM

or Booting to a Linux USB.


It still has 76 GN Free on the SSD.




w8wca @ hotmail dot com