How to use PuTTy to create a SSH tunnel for Windows Remote Desktop.

Open PuTTy enter the remote Computer's External IP

Note: These are for Windows XP Prof. with SP2


Next up: Go to the SSH Catagory & Enable Compression


Next up: Go to the Tunnels under SSH Catagory:

Enter the port you use for Windows Remote Desktop in Source Port.

and Enter the Local IP of the computer you want to connect to and the port


Next up: Click ADD button


Then go back to Session Catagory and add a description to save this connection  (In the Saved Sessions area). AND click SAVE button.

That is it for PuTTy.

Now connect via this new setting.

Next up are the Windows Remote Desktop connection settings.

Open Windows Remote Desktop Connection.

enter localhost:port


Last up: Enter User Name and Password (for the remote Windows Desktop Connection)



That is it !

If you have troubles:

Setup PuTTy to log


Pick a log location, then connect and disconnect.

then look for something like this:

Event Log: Opened channel for session
Event Log: Local port 3389 forwarding to

There is a WIndows HOT fix that 'might help" XP with SP2

KB884020 not sure if it helped or not.