mIRC version 6.0.2 Notes

Thanks go to my friend String in the UK for help to get all this figured out.

Multi server setup:

Put one of the below in your remotes: (Tools-->Remote)

Basic command =  on *:START: server -  server1 | server -m server2

example  on *:START: server us.starchat.net | server -m irc.stealth.net

I like it this way better, as it is easier to read later on

on *:START: {
/server us.starchat.net
/server -m irc.stealth.net

Note: The first server does not need the -m switch (m=new server window and connect), as It will have it's own status window on mIRC startup already.

Now to join channels in each network:

Go to File-Options-Perform

Then if your networks are not in the list (below All Networks):

click ADD and Add yours to this list

Next, select a network like (Starchat), and put in any commands you want.

/ns id password  or /ns id password NICKNAME
/timer1 5 1 /j swl

I do use the /timer command to get my ID to accepted BEFORE I join the channel, it forces a wait on the /j command for 5 seconds (giving time for the StarChat's NickServers  to ID you).

Some usefull links for mIRC