In irssi (Naturally, running in screen):

In server window ( well could be in any window)
type /load proxy
then type /set irssiproxy password somePassword
then type /set irssiproxy ports servername=port used
mine was /set irssiproxy ports starchat=8888

Next up:
Open PuTTY on a Windows Machine)

Make a new connection to your Linux Box running irssi (& proxy)

Use your std ssh port for first setup screen

See Pic A

Then go to Connection - SSH - Tunnels
Enter in a port to use (I used 8888)
Select the Dynamic Radio Button and Auto Buttons

See Pic B

Then go back to Session and Save it.

Open the new ssh session - and leave it open - this is your "tunnel"

Now in Hexchat or mIRC

Open up for any server

disconnect from it

then type in the main server window

/server IP.OF.LINUX.BOX port# password

say /server 8888 MyTopSec_Password1

That should do it.


If you want to do the remote from a linux box the setup is easier

Just open a terminal and type:

ssh -L 6667:localhost:8888 (or just IP like below)
ssh -L 6667:localhost:8888 yourname@

And leave that running in the terminal.

Then do the same with xchat for linux