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Psa 118:24           This is a day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.


A couple of the Necklaces Mother has been making.



Our new Ride!     



I am looking for Evening and weekend work:


Autodesk Inventor Drawings from your Sketches or old parts.

Machine Control Systems and updates-changes to existing systems.

Computer Repairs and Linux Systems help.

My Resume


Interested in  eReaders?

Stop in and visit to ClubNOOK!



ClubNook is a place where all reading enthusiasts can gather and have fellowship together. We intend on being the greatest forum on the web regarding this magical device, and hope you will come join us in building this community. We are here to support each other and increase our enjoyment of the reading.


Here is a link to Craig Hoffman's eBook at Amazon Makenzie and the Monsters @ Bay 151


Visit Chris Smolinski's site all sorts of great stuff! click below for specific items.



Geiger Counter

Radiation Detector




A great site for Satellite Communications, it covers any frequencies used by satellites, from VHF to EHF.



Visit #wunclub on StarChat (Click on #wunclub to join via java site).

Stop in for a Visit at:  #swl on StarChat (more info on #swl )

If you have mIRC just click on #swl, and it will bring you right in our channel!!

Some Photo's of our trip to Niagra Falls

A few pictures of the Leonids !

A Memory of Love These pages are dedicated to the memory of my younger brother R. Scott Alexander who died in a mountain climbing accident on September 7 th 2001. He is greatly missed by all that knew him.


                            Yours truly, hard at work!           





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