This will describe how to install CM7 to the NookColor eMMC (internal Memory)


NOTE: I have never seen or heard of a "bricked" Nook Color, I have a link to how to restore them to the Stock OS below, but use these at your own risk.


These instructions basically come from:

I just changed some wording around to make it easier to follow and understand.

1) Download the bootable SD recovery image from or

2) Unzip the above file - you will get a file named 1gb_clockwork-

3) Get this file WinImage and install it.

4) Put a uSD card in a reader, and run the WinImage program.
4a) Choose Disk from menu, then click on: restore virtual hard disk image on physical drive
4b) A window pops up - choose your uSD card from it.
4c) A window pops up - first change files of type to *.* then find your 1gb_clockwork-
File. and click open.
4d) This will start the "burning" of the CWR image to your uSD card

5) Download a CM7 file from: You need to scroll way down to see them.

Nightlies (The latest)
RC (Release Canadate - what will be next stable)
Stable (older but very stable)

My suggestion is RC or nightlies

6) Download Google Apps app scrool down to it
In line with CyanogenMod 7 to the right of that or from

7) Put both the file and the file on the root directory of the uSD card.
Do NOT unzip them.

8) Unmount your uSD card, power off your nook, and put the uSD card in the Nook

9) Power up the Nook it will boot into CWR recovery mode.
9a) The volume keys move the cursor up and down
9b) The power button jumps back a menu (kind of like goto top menu)
9c) The n (home) key is the "enter" key

10) Under mounts Format /system, /data, and cache. Do NOT format /boot
10a) Choose Mounts and storage from main menu
10b) Scroll down to format /system hit n
10c) It will ask for confirm on each one you choose to format
10d) Scroll down to it and hit n to confirm
10e) Do this for the /data and /cache also

11) Hit the power button to get back to the main menu

12) Choose - install zip from sdcard hit n

13) Choose - choose zip from sdcard hit n

14) Choose your hit n

15) Confirm by scrolling down to it and hit the n key

16) When it is done get back (power button)  to install zip from sdcard

17) Then choose zip from sdcard hit n

18) select the file hit n

19) Select the file from the list, and hit n to confirm

20) Remove the sdcard


21) Go back to the main screen (use power button) and select reboot system now (highlight it and hit n).




If you notice any errors in this or have any comments please feel free to e-mail me:

charlie dot alexander at gmail dot com