Memory of Love



A Memory Of Love

As we all know, life is never a sure thing. The recent tragedy in the United States and our own personal loss of Scott reminds us of this. I have seen sorrow at a distance and through close friends of mine. It brings to mind the saying "it will never happen to me." But what if? What if it does?

Along with those of you gathered today, I feel a sorrow and loss so deep it is beyond words, beyond imagination. I am sorry I can't be there, but I am unable to travel at this time and must finish arrangements here. I want to thank you all for your support and prayers.

Scott and I have always enjoyed the beauty that California offers. He was able to
continue to refining his abilities in photography over the years and had become very good at it. 

Many people believe that a good picture starts with a nice camera and lens, but it really begins before that. God has given within each of us our own camera if we choose to use it. Our mind sets the picture, our eyes are the lenses and our heart the film on which these pictures are imprinted. Too many people today, don't take the time to use this tool to make for themselves an album of precious moments. Over the years, I learned more and more from Scott how to look for these pictures and to cherish them. 

Even at the field event that I was attending that tragic weekend, I saw a perfect picture and spoke of it to my judges. They were in complete agreement with me. I think, that maybe, Scott was already there telling me in my mind, "Wait. Not yet! No, just a little longer!" And then, "Now! Now the picture is perfect." The picture was a golden retriever swimming after his freshly shot bird in a calm bay of water. The scene was framed by tules set against the background of perfect blue sky. 

This picture expressed, in silent words, the breed itself. Its desire to do what they
were born for and the tranquility of the sport. It was of our youngest dog, Gawain,
in whom Scott had such growing faith. I know he was so very proud Gawain's
retrieve that day. I will file this picture away in my memory and treasure it always.

Scott loved hiking in the grandeur of the Sierras. Always seeking the perfect picture. One that would allow someone else to feel what his eyes were trying to capture. This brought him happiness and pride. And he died doing what he loved. Not everyone can have that privilege. I only hope when my time comes that I can feel good about my passing. 

I can't say that what happened is fair, but neither can I change the facts. The world today moves too fast: we all know this. But if we could all just take a moment to relax and to share the simple things. Maybe it's just a thought or perhaps it's something you saw today: A smile on someone's face, watching the crop, which was slaved over so closely, as it waves in the breeze, a meal that brings relaxation at the end of a hard day to those you love; a good report card. These truly are the simple things in life. And these are the things that will make this world a little easier to go through.

Touch the hand of the one next to you and pass it along. I hope the strength I need will come and I send my support and love to all that honor the memory of Scott on this day.

Thank you all.

Love Terry.